Full-Mouth Restoration, San Antonio

Full-Mouth Restoration

Rejuvenate your smile’s health, function and beauty

Having a fully functioning, straight and attractive smile can replenish one’s oral health and confidence. Dr. Liska can help you by using minimally invasive procedures to restore your damaged teeth, missing teeth, misalignment or bite issues, gum disease, bone loss and more. Dr. Liska has over 35 years of experience restoring patients’ smiles and additionally has completed over 1,000 hours of continued education courses.

Thorough exam, diagnosis and treatment plan

Full-Mouth Restoration

You and Dr. Liska work together to create the treatment plan that’s right for you.

For Dr. Liska to determine the best way to restore your smile, he will first conduct a thorough diagnostic exam. This includes an oral exam done with an intraoral camera, and digital exterior and interior photos. Our assistant will take a full series of digital X-rays, including 3D CT Scans if needed, for a comprehensive view of your entire mouth and surrounding bone structure. Dr. Liska will also inspect your gums for periodontal disease, and measure your bite for potential realignment therapy with orthodontics.

After the exam is completed, Dr. Liska will explain the different treatment options for restoring your mouth. He will describe the benefits of each procedure and answer any questions you have before you move forward treatment. Dr. Liska doesn’t pressure you, he encourages you to make intelligent and informed decisions about your dental care and moves at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Preserving your natural teeth

Dr. Liska believes in saving and restoring your natural tooth structure whenever possible. His approach is to improve the condition of each tooth by individually bonding or crowning the damaged tooth. This way he preserves the most natural tooth structure, which is always the better option. Dr. Liska will also help restore your gum health to avoid tooth decay and bone loss in the future.

Our full-mouth rehabilitation procedures

Dr. Liska uses advanced technology that makes it faster and easier to provide accurate procedures and higher quality results. Full-mouth restoration typically involves more than one procedure. Depending on the severity of the case, Dr. Liska will develop a customized plan involving a series of minimally invasive procedures for the most effective results.

Dr. Liska is highly experienced in oral surgery and stays updated on the latest techniques and technology to help restore even the most difficult cases. Below is a list of common procedures that Dr. Liska will use to restore a smile to full function and appearance:

Free Consultation

Full-Mouth RestorationVisit our office for a consultation with Dr. Liska to find out more about your options for full-mouth reconstruction. This consultation will include:

  • A Video Tour of your mouth with an intraoral camera
  • Low-radiation digital X-rays
  • Bite and alignment evaluation
  • Thorough gum disease exam
  • Get all your questions answered

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