High-Tech Dentistry, San Antonio

Advanced technology, efficient procedures

Dr. Liska uses the latest dental technology and tools to make your treatment more comfortable and effective. His use of advanced equipment makes diagnoses more accurate, surgeries less invasive and routine treatment more efficient.

Read the list below to learn about our high-tech equipment.

High-Tech DentistryIntraoral cameras

Dr. Liska will use advanced intraoral cameras during an oral exam. Each patient gets a “video tour” of their mouth, where Dr. Liska shows them any problematic areas and the overall condition of their teeth. This is a great educational tool for patients as they get to see exactly what the state of their teeth is in real time, and it helps Dr. Liska detect small problems that may otherwise be missed by a less thorough exam.

High-Tech DentistryDigital 3D Cone Beam X-ray

Our revolutionary Kodak Carestream 3D Cone Beam X-ray captures 3D images of the teeth and supporting structures, including the lower skull and jawbone. This advanced technology allows Dr. Liska to get a detailed view from all angles and this increases the ability for him to plan the best treatment. This device uses much less radiation compared to traditional X-rays and produces clear, high-definition images instantaneously.

High-Tech DentistrySleep Apnea Diagnostics

Dr. Liska uses the Eccovision, a device that uses acoustic reflection technology to accurately capture a digital image of the oral and nasal airway. It literally measures how air passes through your airway when breathing. With this device he is able to examine the condition of the airways and construct a proper oral appliance that will help to treat sleep apnea and related issues such as snoring.

High-Tech DentistryDigital X-rays

Our office features advanced digital X-rays, which are more comfortable and accurate than conventional X-rays. They use 80% less radiation than standard X-rays while maintaining high detail and help in the detection of early cavities and other problems. Computerized images are produced on-screen instantaneously for fast and convenient viewing.

High-Tech DentistryUltrasonic scaler

Our hygienist uses an ultrasonic scaler to give your teeth and gums a deep and effective cleaning. This device uses high-frequency vibrations to quickly and efficiently remove tough stains without causing discomfort. Ultrasonic scalers provide a more thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums compared to traditional hand tools.

High-Tech DentistryRotary Endodontic Handpiece

Rotary endodontic handpieces have increased the quality and timeliness of endodontic treatment procedures. Dr. Liska uses a high-speed electric handpiece for root canals and other minor surgical procedures because it is faster and more gentle for the patient, meaning that the time spent in the dental chair is shorter and more comfortable.

To make an appointment, call (210) 342-8251 or click here to request an appointment online.

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