Mouth Guards, San Antonio

Night Guards

Protect your teeth with a comfortable custom-made mouth guard

Mouth guards are used for multiple reasons, such as keeping your teeth from becoming damaged from clenching and grinding during sleep or from being damaged while playing contact sports. Dr. Liska has extensive experience in preventive dentistry and making custom fit mouth guards for his patients. He uses premium materials to better protect your teeth.

Night guards

Mouth GuardsIt’s common for people to clench and grind their teeth when they are sleeping. Over time, this can wear your teeth down and really damage them. It can also cause jaw pain and headaches from extended muscle tension. Dr. Liska recommends a custom fit night guard that is made from an accurate impression of your teeth. He uses a high-quality, durable material that protects your teeth at night while remaining comfortable.

Sport guards

Mouth GuardsMouth guards provide protection for the face, mouth, jaw and teeth from trauma experienced during intensive or contact sports. Dr. Liska can create a mouth guard that is custom fit, comfortable and provides effective protection. Many injuries of the face and mouth are minimized and can often be avoided by wearing a properly fitted mouth guard. A custom-fitted mouth guard provides the complete and comfortable protection that you or your child need.  

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