One-Visit Root Canals, San Antonio

Root Canal Therapy

Your comfort is our primary concern when performing your root canal therapy.

Experienced and comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal TherapyA root canal is the pulp-filled canal located in the interior of a tooth root. Molars have three roots and each root can have multiple canals inside of it. Root canal therapy is done when the pulp in the canals has become infected or damaged and requires treatment. Dr. Liska has performed hundreds of root canal treatments over the 35 plus years he has been practicing dentistry. His refined technique is so gentle that many of his patients even claim to fall asleep during the treatment!

Consultation, exam and X-rays

If you are uncertain that you need a root canal, but are experiencing pain, you should come see Dr. Liska right away. You can take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer of an Exam, X-rays and Consultation for only $50.

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Our Root Canal Procedure

Dr. Liska performs root canal therapy using a high-speed rotary instrument, which makes the treatment fast and comfortable. He gently removes the infected pulp from the interior of your tooth and uses an antibiotic treatment to clean the empty cavity. Once the tooth has been cleaned and disinfected the treated canals are filled with a sterile material and sealed. The special sealer we use to fill the prepared tooth is made of bio-compatible, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial materials. Dr. Liska can conveniently complete the entire procedure in just one visit.

Signs of needing root canal therapy

Root Canal TherapyA root canal is necessary when the pulp of the root canal becomes infected. This infection usually causes pain or sensitivity and can even develop into an abscessed tooth. Sometimes people won’t notice occasional pain right away as a problem, but persistent pain is symptomatic that an infection is there. A definite sign of an existing infection is swelling around the gum line, or an abscess that develops on the gum near the tooth and can even form a small pimple on the gum. The tooth may also become darkened or discolored, indicating internal decay. Pain is one of the main indicators of an infection, such as:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold lasting up to several minutes
  • Tooth pain when biting or exerting pressure
  • Tenderness near the base of the tooth root
  • Spontaneous pain without identifiable cause

Dr. Liska accepts all emergencies and sees patients in the same day during office hours.

To make an appointment, call (210) 342-8251 or click here to request an appointment online.