Porcelain Crowns, San Antonio

Durable natural-looking, all-porcelain crowns

crowns_2A dental crown is often needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth. A crown is used to repair not only decayed teeth, but also teeth that are chipped or broken-down. A crown is often used to restore a tooth after it has undergone root canal therapy and can even be used for cosmetic reasons, such as to change a tooth’s color, shape or length.

Experienced crown design and placement

Dr. Liska has extensive training and experience in designing and placing crowns. He has an artistic eye for picking the right color, shade and shape of crown for your tooth. He uses high-quality porcelain materials such as Emax and zirconia to create non-metal crowns that are durable, bio-compatible and natural-looking.

Dr. Liska works closely with a trusted and experienced lab to give his patients a metal-free and biocompatible crown that looks natural and lasts a long time. His thorough diagnostic work and knowledge of restorative and cosmetic techniques also gives you a crown that is fully functional and beautiful.

What Crowns are used for

Typical conditions that crowns are used to correct:

  • Cracked, damaged or broken teeth
  • Cover a tooth that has extensive tooth decay
  • Protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy
  • Replace large metal fillings that have weakened the tooth structure
  • Teeth that are broken down and cannot be refilled
  • Teeth that are permanently stained or discolored
  • Crooked or unshapely teeth
  • Level out and improve bite problems
  • Fill minor spaces between teeth
  • Permanent replacement for missing teeth

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