Painless technique testimonialDr. Robert Knapp

“I lost an incisor crown in 2012 and called Dr. Mohan raj’s office for an appointment. I had an excellent experience. I like that Dr. Mohan raj  explains the treatment plan and options well, he has an excellent bedside manner, a painless technique and is always available. Everyone is very courteous and helpful. They are always available to help when I need it. The benefits of going to Dr. Mohan raj  is that it has helped me maintain my own teeth and repaired the defective ones. Greatly appreciated.”

Best dentistKim orthodontic treatment, crowns & implants

“Dr. Mohan raj  explained that by getting braces I could correct a lot of problems I was having. My overbite had worn down a lot of my front teeth and I always had jaw pain. I also didn’t sleep well and never smiled. Now I smile all the time, I no longer have pain in my jaw and I sleep great. Dr. Mohan raj  was right there with me for the entire treatment. He was always available no matter what came up or how many times I had to come in. His whole office and staff are like extended family.”

Very professional dentistDavid received two dental implants

“My teeth were broken down and needed repair. I already had one implant and some pulled teeth needing replacement. I like that Dr. Mohan raj  is very professional and explains everything. He and his staff are a very cohesive group, professional in all capacities.”

Exceptional customer serviceWillie Director of Radiology
for Baptist Health Systems

“Dr. Mohan raj  staff provides exceptional customer service. I was given detailed information regarding my procedure every step of the way. Dr. Mohan raj  and his hygienist were both constantly aware of my comfort levels. They took their time and I was not rushed. Dr. Mohan raj  explained my dental care plan in detail and now I feel that my teeth are in excellent hands!”

“I had a CPAP for two years and it was very uncomfortable. Prior to using the oral appliance, I would fall asleep at work from the lack of sleep.

“Dr. Mohan raj  oral appliance therapy, has allowed me to sleep comfortably, without having to place a mask over my nose and I no longer have tubings to deal with. I am very happy with the oral appliance as it has allowed me to take control of my sleep. This has been life altering.”

– Raul

“My name is Everett and I am currently in my late seventies. For most of my adult life I have been a robust snorer to the extent my family complained a lot. I heard that Dr. Mohan raj  could help my very patient family and me. I decided therefore to give the good doctor a visit. In short he ran a lot of tests and equipped me with some instrumentation to wear at night. What was revealed was that I not only snored but, more importantly, I had a strong case of sleep apnea.

“Dr. Mohan raj  then made a custom fixture specifically for my teeth and jaw to wear at night. The results were surprising to me. My family quit complaining but that wasn’t the best part. For years I went to bed exhausted and woke up in the mornings even more exhausted. My short-term memory was poor and I was in a mental cloud all day long. After only a few days of wearing the new fixture I went to bed feeling good and I woke up feeling refreshed. My short-term memory improved significantly and I was alert and no longer in a daze. In short I felt better than I have felt in decades. I don’t know if my results are typical, but for me I have to give Dr. Mohan raj  five stars.”

– Everett

“I first went to Dr. Mohan raj  in the Mid 1990’s. I was impressed then and still am. I have been to several other dentists off and on but Dr. Mohan raj  is still the best. At the time I needed a root canal and had it scheduled during my vacation, thinking I would be in pain at least a day or two. To my amazement there was no pain during or after. Not even a week later! Oh, and by the way – I even fell asleep during the procedure!”

– Jennie

“I have always been treated with a high level of respect as a patient. Dr. Liska and his employees make us feel comfortable and we are always top priority when we visit the office. My daughter had her braces taken off two weeks ago and she is totally 100% happy with the outcome of her treatment. As a family, we definitely recommend Dr. Mohan raj  and would let everyone know we have had an outstanding outcome in all of our treatment. Also, my daughter has several friends that had their braces off around the same time as she did and they are jealous of how great her teeth look.”

– Cindy

“My treatment was pain free; I didn’t feel a thing, not even the numbing shot. Everyone was so nice and very informative. They explained what was going on every step of the way and I felt comfortable with the procedure. Dr. Mohan raj  is just amazing.”

– Torry

“The care Dr. Mohan raj  and his staff have provided my daughter has been beyond anything I thought dental care could be. Before my daughter had her teeth straightened her mouth was a train wreck. Her teeth were very crooked, gapped and had a lot of other dental terms I don’t know. In a matter of two to three months Dr. Mohan raj  made her teeth straight and pretty. While her treatment is ongoing, we continue to see great results in short periods of time.”

– Levine

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